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Dr. Swami Sarita

Greetings from Society of Anaesthesiologists, Pune (SAP). Our new team has taken over from November 2022.
Our society was founded in 1970 and has a strong history. Dr A.M. Deshpande (BJMC), Col. N.C. Das (AFMC) were the founder members along with Dr. Anand Bhatia, Dr. Patankar, Dr. Usha Padhye, Col. Thirumalai, Col. Bharji, Wing Commander Bhalla, Brig. Moulik.

Since then, SAP has received numerous accolades at State and National levels. I congratulate all the previous office-bearers for their phenomenal work and hope that our present team will carry the legacy ahead, with the support, experience, and guidance of all the senior members of SAP.

We as a family would continue our work in the society through our motto, ‘let us connect’. Many SAP members are actively involved in various public awareness activities. Here I would like to specially mention the “COLS: Compression Only Life Support” activity, in which we train the laypersons the ideal, easy and effective way of chest compressions, that will help in saving many lives.

As a President, I am proud to have many dynamic, energetic, principled and enthusiastic committee members from all the institutes of Pune. This year we are hosting the State Conference, ISACON Maharashtra, 2023 Pune, in October 2023. All the SAP members are working hard to make this conference memorable and academically enriching. We will make every effort to make our past teachers and founder members proud. And we will definitely achieve it and take SAP to further heights with the support of all the members of SAP.

Long Live ISA!!   Long Live SAP!!
Through support, education, and inspiration, we represent a worldwide community of over 1000 anaesthetists dedicated to life-changing, life-saving practice.
Through support, education and inspiration, we represent the anaesthesiologists of Pune city who are dedicated to life-changing, life-saving practice.

Society of Anaesthesiologists Pune!

We work to promote public awareness of anaesthesia and the role of anaesthetists in healthcare. We provide information about anaesthesia on our website and social media channels. We are dedicated to the advancement of anaesthesia in India. We strive to increase awareness of anaesthetic procedures and to promote safe and effective practice of anaesthesia.
We provide a platform for Anaesthesiologists to come together and exchange ideas, share experiences, and discuss the latest developments in the field of anaesthesia.
As part of our mission, we organize conferences, CMEs and Academic Meets Monthly for anaesthesiologists to stay abreast of the latest developments in anaesthesia practice and research. We also offer several continuing education courses and workshops to help improve the knowledge and skills of our members. We invite you to join us and become part of our community of healthcare providers dedicated to the advancement of anaesthesia in India. Sincerely, The Society of Anaesthesia Pune.

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